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Why to place bet only once when playing a casino game?

when playing a casino game

Hesitating how much and how many times you should wager when playing in the casino or cannot decide what to do at all? In this article we will explain what you need to do with your money (that is always your decision but we can give you some great advices) in the casino so you have better chances to win.

First, let me clarify something – not everything depends on your strategy, as you already know. All of the tips here are given from experienced players but please use them on your own risk!

Sample strategy that I always use

So let’s imagine we have 2,000 dollars. If we spread them for 5 days that makes $400 per day.

Most of the people are going to bet 50, 100 or even all of the 400 bucks they have for today. Our advice is to wager 1 time $ 200 and to see what happens. If you win – continue playing with the profit from the first wager as much as you want. I usually save the second part and do nothing with it because in case of a huge lose caused by a bigger bet I’ll actually lose only $200, not the full amount.

In case you don’t win the first time you have to make a decision – whether to stop here or continue wagering on your favorite casino game . If you choose not to stop – consider to make a bet of $100, for example, so you won’t lose too much. If I were you my decision is going to be like this:

  1. Try to bet with $50
  2. Then with $100
  3. After I take my money back – return to the initial strategy and wager $200

Of course that is a simple method with sample numbers – you can always increase or decrease them so they can match your plans and budget.

After taking some profits, consider stopping and leave everything for the next day. Maybe the best way is to stop when you make around 50-60% of the initial amount, which is around $200 per day. Remember that spending money from previous or further days is really bad decision.

Why to wait a whole day for the next bet?

Have you ever talked with a gambling professional? If so, he has definitely told you to wager in that way, no matter what do you play exactly. That is the best way to estimate the risk and to make a new, better plan.

Where to bet?

Well, I always use crypto currencies when betting online for some years ago. That is the most convenient way for playing casino games due to the easy and fast payout, lower transaction fees and of course – the privacy you receive.

My advice – give a try to a bitcoin casino you like, choose a game and wager a lot easier than expected.


Hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for reading – if you have more strategies, share with us using the comments below:

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