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The new games that have entered and conquered the online casino world in the 2020

online casino world in the 2020

QQ online and a couple of other casino games are the new favorites for the online audience. See the 2020 best pick-ups for gambling entertainment with real money.

A lot of things happened in the 2020 year. And in online casino sphere we have witnessed some changes, too. For instance, in the middle of the year internet gambling did not just substitute its elder brother, the offline casino industry, but actually helped a lot of people not to get crazy while staying at home. Whether due to the isolation and the online casino autocratic overweight at some point, some new games entered the industry as winners. Basically, we are not talking about some absolutely newly created games. Mainly, these are games from the old times, but with no glory or fame before 2020. See what we are talking about and what titles you should definitely give a try:

  • Roulette. Yes, we do understand that this is not a new game at all. On the contrary, it’s a game we have known for ages. Though, in the 2020th year the online gambling companies have noticed a significant increase in the interest to this game. The numbers were shocking mainly because in the previous 5-6 years this game seemed to be left behind dramatically and gradually.
  • QQ online. Have you ever heard of this game? If no, it is high time for you to try it. For those of you who haven’t met qq online game listed in their online casinos, we will say that actually in future this will be just a memory. Although mainly popular in the Asian websites for gambling products only, today we see and increasing interest to this casino product. Many players from other continents find it very easy to be learnt and super interactive for a slot machine replacement.
  • Speaking of which, the slot games with progressive jackpots have become more and more popular than before. It was only a couple of years when you could hear and see the common tip not to play such games and instead to opt for the standard slot machines. However, in the 2020th year the progressive slot machines have finally received their glory moment and we are dying to see if their popularity will remain in the next months, too.
  • Keno. How many times have you played Keno in the 2019th year? And how many times have played Keno at all? By all means, the stats for this game have changed for the last couple of months. It’s an amazing trend to see out there – Keno has been actually chosen more times and by more individual players than Baccarat and lottery games. Well, Keno players, beware, because new competitors are coming to show you a new style of playing.

Do you see any of your favorite games for the 2020th year? If you haven’t played any of them, then you have some really good suggestions for your next weekend!

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