Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

Playing poker online – benefits and insane strategies

How about a game that you can play absolutely everywhere? And how about being able to wager on hundreds of games (yes, „poker“ is a word that can be used for actually infinite amount of games)

Why choose poker online and is it better?

Despite the obvious benefit of doing whatever online, there are some more reasons to choose the online version. Firstly, if you are unexperienced and just want to give this a try, then going to a real casino is definitely a bad idea. There are plenty of strategies for playing live which do not differ from the main rules – they are just in addition to them. Also, it is good to know that wagering live is often connected with enormous spends.

To summarize this tip in a few words – Choose an online alternative if you are not experienced

Slow & always low

Have you ever played any kind of slot games? Then you definitely know the 17 seconds delay rule because there is never a true randomness when we talk about numbers. That won’t increase your chances to win but is going to let you think about changing a strategy or stop playing if there are too enormous damages on your wallet. Well, poker games have the same insane but awesome-working rules that are going to help you.

Slow and always low – what does it mean? Having the opportunity to make large bets is obviously something awesome but only for the winning side.

Remember – every time you lose a game, someone else is going to take profit. The opposite also applies. That seems obvious but we often forget about it.. and this is your main mistake when playing any kind of poker games. The best strategy that I use is to consider how can I make others lose funds – for example, only low bets and slowly placed will make the others nervous. You know, self-control and confidence is a key skill for a successful player, no matter which game you play.

Betting as much as possible will be a good idea only if everything is on your side.

Always use your own strategy – that is the key to success

You know, if every winning strategy was listed on the internet and if there were a universal winning plan everyone would be a gambling millionaire. As we know, there are many more people that have lost everything when wagering than people who got rich playing poker. That’s why my advice is to play with a proper, tailored action plan where is pointed the moment of stopping – as clear as possible so you can prevent a big damage on your bank account.



To sum up, when playing any king of online poker game, you had better follow some universal gambling strategy and „gold rules“ in combination with some own strategies. A good way to make your own gaming and betting plan is to choose the demo mode and play as much as you want without real money.

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