Monday, 23 May 2022

Extra helpful tricks to use when playing Dominoqq

playing Dominoqq

Learn about the most helpful and working tips for winning in Dominoqq games even if you are a newbie in the field. Check out our hot pick-ups for working strategies and tactics now.

Dominoqq is one of the newest top trends on the global gambling market. But don’t get us wrong. As a matter of fact, this game isn’t a new one for the Asian market. Originated in Indonesia, the game has been very popular in many countries across Asia for the last ten years. However, since the global gambling market has been trying to adopt all the big punters in one international community by letting people to gamble in websites that are outside of their countries, today the rise of the interest towards Dominoqq is huge. Especially when it comes to the European audience!

If you are keen on testing the game, too, there are a couple of tricks you should read and adopt in your practice in advance. We are happy to tell you that we have done this homework instead of you. Check out our list of extra helpful tricks to use when playing Dominoqq:

  • Follow this chronology to get used to the rules of this game. First of all, know that the game is a mixture of poker and domino. This is why you should learn the rules of the poker, at one hand, and then, the rules of domino, at the other hand. Last, but not least, it’s a must to get oriented in the rules specifically for Dominoqq.
  • Bluffing in poker, as you know, is a tough task to do. You should be very skillful and experienced to afford such a tactic. However, in this specific form of poker created in Indonesia, bluffing seems to be not just possible for newbies, but even a very simple approach for winning.
  • Reading the opponents is also possible in Dominoqq. What experts in this game recommend is by starting with a small rise of the pot right from the beginning of the game session. Make sure to trace the reactions of your opponents and analyze their approaches as soon as possible, because in this Indonesian poker things happen fast, too.
  • Remember that in most cases you are playing against up to 6 people to win the big jackpot. Although similar to traditional domino game, Dominoqq is always linked with progressive jackpots. To win the jackpot might be hard, but 50% of the game products provided by different gambling houses offer compensatory gifts for those players who end on the second, third and fourth place.
  • When you realize you are used to the game rules and you have some complete strategy, move to the next level by increasing your budget. This is a game that allows you to be a bit more aggressive when raising the pot. Specialists in poker from Indonesia claim that it’s the only form of poker where you shouldn’t be cautious with big buy-ins.

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