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Did you know about these curious history lottery facts?

curious history lottery facts

Check out the most interesting togel facts about the game history. Find out some amazing facts about your favorite gambling game from the platform now! See if you know any of these researches and conceptions about the lotto experience.

You cannot call yourself a real togel lover without knowing the history of the game, its rules and some of the most interesting cases when a person won the lottery. But if you are a real maniac, who buys a lottery ticket every day and who has registrations in the most popular lottery providers in the internet, as well as in less popular websites like the Asian lotto giant,, it would be a pity if you know only these things.

We have gathered for you a whole bunch of extra curious and intriguing lottery facts. We want you to read them not only because they are quite interesting and fun to be known, but also to intrigue you to check out how well informed you are about your top favorite game. So, deal lotto lovers, were you aware of these curious history lottery facts?

  1. Lottery is more ancient than you think. As a matter of fact it was invented not for fun, but for making a random choice about the next person who’s going to be in charge for some repairs in case of the Chinese Great Wall damages. It means togel has been existed since the 200 BCE.
  2. Indeed, the majority believes that China is the country that invented the lottery. However, recent researches have shown that it’s not actually in Asia, but in Europe, where the first signs of lottery as a game were found. According to these studies the first lotto game dated in the 100 BCE in Rome.
  3. The first official lottery drawing for the publicity was presented by the big war leader, Caesar. He did not just let people participate in a lottery, but even had great top three prizes for the winners. According to the historical annals, everyone who wanted could buy a lotto ticket from Caesar.
  4. The first glamorous lottery show took place, though, outside of Ancient Rome. The start of the traditional lottery event with all of its formal drawing sessions and beautifully dressed hosts is found in the UK. It was an event that many people attended with invitations personally written by Queen Elizabeth I.

Know, you understand how serious lottery is actually not just as a game, but as a problem-solving approach, as well as a political way for the ruler to show kindness and originality in entertaining the masses. Well, one way or another, lotteries do serve these roles even today, don’t they?

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